Lo Poloko


Lo Poloko Album Review on OndaAlternativa Italy

Thanks a lot to Francesca Mastracci (general manager/editor of Onda Alternativa webzine) for the amazing review she has done of our debut album, “Living la Covida Loca”:

“A folk-opera divided into eleven chapters arranged between catchy rhythmic progressions and melodic openings, for a succession of skillfully arranged sessions and soundscapes that converge into synaesthesias of colors, smells, flavors. In the back-and-forth of fanfares and enthralling pan-ethnic reworkings, out comes a patchwork that is not merely a virtuosic divertissement for the high-caliber musicians who make up the ensemble, but returns a satisfying picture for both fans of Latin sounds and the curious who are looking towards the non-canonicity of the mainstream.” 

You can read the whole article here: https://www.ondalternativa.it/lo-poloko-living-la-covida-loca/