Lo Poloko


Lo Poloko Dia de Muertos 2023 Album Release

Dia de Muertos is back! Come to celebrate the dead with Lo Poloko in this Special Dia de Muertos Edition, were we will be presenting our debut album “Living la Covida Loca” in seven different cities around The Nehterlans.

Living la Covida Loca” is a musical odyssey that dives into countless styles of music, reminding us of the importance of celebration and togetherness. It is an album that promises to transport you to a realm where life is enjoyment and every moment is an opportunity to dance as if it were the last day on Earth.

The release tour of “Living la Covida Loca”  will be celebrated with a tour that is set to captivate audiences across the Netherlands, bringing the vibrant spirit of Lo Poloko” to life. The tour dates and venues are as follows: October 27 – Grounds (Rotterdam), October 28 – Gebr. de Nobel (Leiden), November 2 – Zwarte Ruiter (Den Haag), November 3 – Hall of Fame (Tilburg), November 4 – De Nijverheid (Utrecht), November 9 – Mezrab (Amsterdam), November 11 – Xinix (Nieuwendijk).

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