Lo Poloko


Lo Poloko at Paaspop 2024!

The year just started and the first shows of this season are getting closer. We are super happy to announce that Lo Poloko will be performing live on 29th March at Paaspop! Tickets are flying away, take a look and get one before is too late.

But that’s not all! We are starting the season on 8th March at Horns of Plenty Festival, “the Hottest Horns to the Fullest”, in s’Hertogenbosch. Together with trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, Horns of Plenty Festival will put wind music in the spotlight for no less than seven days, spread across the city’s most prominent stages. It will be a colorful spectacle, covering all kinds of genres: from classical to jazz and from pop to Latin.

Horn of Plenty Festival 2024