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Lo Poloko News Track: PLEIN

Lo Poloko has been invited to collaborate with Wunderbaum theater company in their new piece Track: PLEIN.

This show is the opening performance of the new season, in which Wunderbaum, together with around 50 musicians, performers, urban planners, sociology students, residents, passers-by and spectators, considers the question: what is an ideal square and what is not? An afternoon or evening in which visitors are taken into a choreography of surprising and unexpected everydayness. Can be seen exclusively at the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. The performance PLEIN/PRAÇA was created in collaboration with Brazilian actors Monique Vaillé and Pedro Uchoa and premiered on April 1, 2023 at the Festival de Curitiba in Brazil. With Track: Plein they are now making a Rotterdam version.

All the music of the show is performed by Lo Poloko, Brassband Dreamteam and DJ Mr Mozaik, where they perform some of their own material and a special piece composed by Jens Bouttery, where all the bands join and perform together.

Still 4 shows before the end! take a look here:  https://www.theaterrotterdam.nl/agenda/10741/wunderbaum-theater-rotterdam/track-plein              Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this unique show!